I grew up in a family of scientists. One of my great uncles was Russian paleontologist Alexey Bystrow (wiki), after whom BystrowianaBystrov RockCape Bystrova, and Bystrow’s Paradox are named. My other great uncle was chemist Sergei Bystrov. My grandfather, Ivan Boiko, was a biotechnology engineer. My dad, Gennadi Naumov (wiki), was a biologist. Genus Naumovozyma is named after him. My mother, Taisia Naumova and my brother, Daniil Naumoff, are also biologists. My mother-in-law, Zoya Semerikova, was a linguist. My wife, Elena Safirova, is an economist.

I graduated summa cum laude from Lomonosov Moscow State University under supervision of Sergei Artemov with Diploma in Mathematics and concentration in mathematical logic. I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science (with a minor in Mathematics) from Cornell University specializing in logic and automated theorem proving. My advisor at Cornell was Robert Constable.  

My present research is focused foundations of AI ethics. I also continue to publish papers on logical systems for reasoning about multi-agent systems, strategies, information flow, formal epistemology, social networks, and game theory. Previously, I published works on proof complexity, type theory, automated deduction, and modal logics.