McDaniel College student from San Jose and professor research computer science theory

WESTMINSTER, MD -- McDaniel College student Brittany Nicholls of San Jose, Calif., and Computer Science professor Pavel Naumov are collaborating this summer on a student-faculty research project that immerses them in the complex world of theoretical computer science.

The junior, who has won a $17,000 grant from the Computing Research Association Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research, studies the abstract concepts of Computer Science and intersects with both Mathematics and Economics.

Nicholls and Naumov have been partnered in research since last summer, when they examined information flow. This July they will travel to the Netherlands to present their paper at the Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge conference. Nicholls was awarded a $1,200 national travel scholarship for women to attend the conference in Groningen.

Game theory, Nicholls and Naumov's current topic, was first popular among social scientists and economists, according to Naumov. Within the concepts of conflict and strategy, it examines actions a "player" may take to secure advantageous outcomes, at the loss of the other. This makes it applicable in an infinite number of real-world situations...