Getting a Better Grip on Computer Science, One Chalkboard at a Time


At first it seems strange that chalk letters and numbers fill a wall of blackboards by the end of a co-minute collaborative-research session in computer science. Chalk and computers seem not even distantly related.
Yet here on the first floor of Lewis Hall of Science professors and students alike use chalk - often in vivid shades of blue, orange, yellow, burnt sienna - to "talk" to each other about information flow and networks and, yes, secrets and security.

Computer science professors Sara Miner More and Pavel Naumov frequently and actively involve their students in their research, so it's not unusual to find hieroglyphic-looking notations on most of the chalkboards in the department. The collaboration often results in a student-faculty authored paper or presentation at a professional conference. In fact, More and Naumov are awaiting publication decisions on two papers they co-authored with students - one with senior Ben Sapp and another with junior Mike Donders...