Computer Science major designs robot that solves Rubik’s Cube

... Both Jackson and Naumov were surprised by the parts of the project that proved trickiest. "I thought that the most difficult part would be to implement the known algorithm that human beings use to assemble the cube," said Naumov. "However, now it appears that the even greater challenge is in solving the mechanical engineering problems of the robot's operation." Jackson designed, built and programmed the robot, which she named Jasper, to flip the cube and rotate its six nine-square sides in a series that results in the jumbled puzzle's six sides each having all the same color squares. Jasper, which is made of Lego pieces, has a light sensor that distinguishes the cube's colors and two rotation arms to manipulate the cube. "It's been fun," said Jackson, who seems to thrive on new challeneges- She made a commitment to tackling a new and different skill each of her college years and has taken up knitting, photography and sewing. This year she added juggling to the list. News around campus and beyond "Juggling is fun too - and a great stress reliever."