Mathematics conference equals insight into career possibilities for student researchers

Senior Kristine Harjes and junior Meg Protzman went to the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics to share their student-faculty research with 260 students from all over the country. When the Jan. 31-Feb. 2 gathering was over, the Honors students each had a network of peers, experience presenting and a better sense of where they were headed with their majors.

Protzman of Elkridge, Md. has ruled out graduate school and is inspired to jump right in to a career.  She appreciates the opportunity “to interact with all these people who share the same interests and passions. It really just opened up all the possibilities that are out there.”

A double major in Mathematics and Computer Science, Protzman presented on functional dependence between Boolean variables, fundamental research she conducted with associate professor Pavel Naumov the year before...