Math major presents research at international conference in India

Jeffrey Kane’s talent for teaching showed when he used the child’s game of telephone line or whisper down the lane to explain the basics of the theoretical mathematics paper he recently delivered at an international professional conference in India.

The Mathematics major’s original research with Computer Science professor Pavel Naumov resulted in the paper, “Epistemic Logic for Communication Chains,” which is also the game of telephone line expressed mathematically.  And that was the example he used in his presentation of the paper, which mathematically describes communication in a network. 

“It was nice that I had something that I could say that all these people with doctorates didn’t know off the top of their heads,” says the junior from Elkridge, Md., who has wanted to be a teacher since second grade. “To talk with people who are such experts in this field was rewarding.”  

Kane’s collaborative research with Naumov during the summer of 2012 resulted in the paper that was accepted for full presentation and publication at the 14th Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK), which brings together researchers from a variety of fields to further understanding of interdisciplinary issues involving reasoning about rationality and knowledge. Also accepted, and presented by Naumov, was “R.E. Axionmatization of Conditional Independence,” a joint paper with senior Brittany Nicholls...