Student-faculty research moves ahead over summer

...  senior Ben Sapp and sophomores Brittany Nicholls and Andrew Yang are just wrapping up their computer science research projects with professors Sara Miner More and Pavel Naumov. The seven-week projects were timed to begin before spring semester ended to give the students a summer vacation as well as to allow Nicholls, from San Jose, Calif., an opportunity to participate before heading back to the West Coast.

There, on the chalkboard in Lewis 109, are some of the rules of information flow that the students and professors have identified so far. The series of letters and symbols could very well be in a foreign language – and perhaps they are if you count computer-ese. But, to these researchers they are important keys to unlocking the natural laws that govern knowledge transfer and shared resources among computers and people alike.

“This is theoretical research,” says More, who is interested in cryptography and computer and network security protocols.  “It will further our understanding of information flow and its applications in the secure transmission of data over computer networks, and in other areas of computer science, such as artificial intelligence.” ...